Buying Cheap Water Pipes Online

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Buying Cheap Water Pipes Online

If you are in the market for a new water pipe, one thing to consider is that feeling you get when you own a new bong that is operating correctly. If this is your first purchase, you might be a bit overwhelmed or confused as to what you should purchase, while staying within a budget. Not all water pipes do a good job at drawing out the best from your herbs. The fact is, your water pipe is only as good as you can keep it operating effectively.

Factors to Consider

Quality & Style

A lot of water pipes are really trying to lure you into some fancy gadgetry that looks cool at first glance with the various chambers and the pseudo science that goes with them. Don't be fooled, if you can't clean it, it will be a nightmare. In fact, even if you can clean it, it's a real pain to correctly clean a water pipe and believe me your water pipe will never look new again.


How big of a hit do you want to take? Do you have the lung capacity of a deep sea diver? As your product enters the chamber it starts to adhere to surfaces, the more surface area you have, the more chambers and filters it goes through, the more of your product remains in your water pipe as opposed to you feeling the effect. Yes, it's a smoother hit, but it is also a bit of a waste. It turns out, that after one simple chamber, you receive the most amount of filtering coupled with the least amount of product loss. Fancy chambers and twists look cool for for a few bowls, but that's really the only benefit you receive from them.

Be careful of the really cheap water pipes that look normal sized but in fact are so small that you will feel like a fool smoking out of one and burning your eyebrows off. Take a close look at the bowl position and size, it's the best indication for how close the fire will be to your face. You want a reasonably save distance but you don't want too have to need a partner to light the product at the same time. To big, too small ... these are personal choices. After years of use, I find the size of a beer bottle width but a bit taller, seems to be the perfect size. This approach is 'fung shiu' with todays world. This allows you the freedom of placing your water pipe in your camping chair cup holder as you bend down to pick up whatever without fear that it will be broken or spill on to you that foul stench of used water pipe water. You'll never forget that smell. On that note, you want something that you can hold easily, without breaking it. Some very ornate pipes look great but you will always remember breaking it and the price you paid to learn that lesson.


Does your glass have lead in it? If it's not scientific glass, be very careful! You don't want lead leaked into your product usage. Don't get me started about plastics. But, in addition to good glass you need to look at the durability of the water pipe. Will it break easily? Will you feel the heat of the product burning as you hold it?

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