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Relaxation Bros is the brainchild of two long time water pipe users who suffer from the problems of cleaning water pipes as they get used. The chore & the hassle of cleaning or finding new water pipe devices has been a problem that needs to be solved. The founders of Relaxation Bros have set out to make this happen at the best possible price for you so that you can partake with a cleaner, more hassle free pipe at wholesale prices.

We ship to your door

We ship it to you, so you don't have to run to the store and suffer the embarassament. Instead you recieve a discrete mailing of your product on a monthly basis.

Easier than Ever

You recieve a new water pipe just in time to avoid cleaning your existing pipe. No need to deal with the stinky mess or the hassle, simply recycle when you get your new one in the mail.

High Quality

We verify the materials are 100% recyclable and of the highest quality. We inspect each product we package to ensure you will recieve a quality product.

Get in Touch

You need more information? Do you have a question about our service. We are happy to help.

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